About Me

Naomi Brown

Email:  Naomi.Brown@ashgateus.com

Fairhaven, MA  02719

        My journey with Westies began in 1996 when I found a little white dog, in very poor condition, wandering in a mall parking lot. With no success in finding his owners, "Toto" became part of our family. There my westie journey begins. Like potato chips, you can't have just one. A few years later I purchased my first show dog from Nancy Schoch of Windsong Westies. It was at Montgomery in 1999 that I was introduced to Sue Thomson of Ashgate Kennel in England. The following spring, my late husband, Carl, and I traveled to Sue's home and purchased my first Ashgate girl. Since that time, Sue and I have developed a strong friendship and are fortunate enough to see each other several times a year. I have come to depend on her wealth of knowledge and her common sense approach to breeding.

        I am a member of the West Highland Terrier Club of England and stay in contact with several members. I was fortunate to travel with Sue to their Special Celebration Ceremony Championship Show in June of 2006 in Dumfries, Scotland. Sue honored me by asking that I take her Affix as mine: Ashgate US. It is with great pride that we use Ashgate US as our kennel name and strive to breed for health and temperament. I am a member of the Ladie's Dog Club,  WHWTC of America and a Board Member of WHWTC of New England and am a board member of the Westie Foundation Ashgate U.S.